This one’s hard to explain.

Basically this started because we had to unlock Marc’s phone that he bought. Not his main phone, but a random one-off that he purchased on a whim at some point.

I like to think I have a fair amount of nerd ability backing me but occasionally some things (such as unlocking phones free) escape me. Luckily we found a wonderful little site that provided a free unlock code as long as we registered a domain name. As someone who’s been wanting to get my name as a domain name for some time, this was a good two-birds-one-stone sort of opportunity. So mikeblais.net finally got to be a thing.

The hard part after impulse buying a domain is figuring out what to do with it.

One of my worst kept secrets is that I love talking to people. If I could make a living solely off talking to people, I would have my dream job. Podcasting incorporates a lot of this, and it’s why I’ve tried to do so many podcasts over the years. It just ends up being one of the most fun parts of my day. And for a long while, I’ve wanted to have a show like Adam Carolla’s where he just sits down and talks to people about random ass shit and tells random stories and entertains people through that.

Only less popular because I’m super rich and I’ve never hosted Loveline or The Man Show.

Ergo The Show! With me, Mike Blais, talking to people. Most of the time they’ll probably just be my friends, because the conversations we have randomly when we’re just sitting around with shisha or food or whatnot are some of the funniest ones I’ve encountered. Maybe sometimes I’ll have people with a small semblance of fame on. I can’t really say! There’s a large possibility everything will just flop in on itself. But it’ll be fun to try.

I make no guarantees you’ll find our conversations funny. I don’t promise you won’t be offended. Someone probably will. But from this point forward, these recordings are what my life looks like, for better or worse.



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