Ep.1: Let Me Tell You About John Egbert

So a whole lotta chumps on the internet seem pretty into this Homestuck thing. But normal people, with lives and rich interpersonal relationships? They can’t be bothered with bullshit like this:


I mean, what the fuck am I even looking at here? A bunch of god damn nonsense, that’s what.

Well, okay. That’s not true. I know exactly what I’m looking at. Lord English the time-traveling billiards-themed pimp demon is descending in his magical sarcophagus onto a Time Quest Bed in a dream bubble collusion of The Felt’s mansion, The Land of Heat and Clockwork, Skaia, one of Alternia’s moons, Prospit, and Derse, somewhere out in the void of the Furthest Ring. This is a sentence that makes perfect sense if you’re reading Homestuck.

See, the terrible truth is that I’m a can of grey body paint and a pair of fake horns away from being the most wretched and disgusting Homestuck fan you can find. My knowledge of this convoluted nonsensical 6000 page long clusterfuck of a webcomic is nigh on encyclopedic.

Thankfully, not everyone is like me. Most people don’t have time for this shit. You know someone who doesn’t have time for this shit? Mike Blais, Internet Mogul Extraordinaire. But what Mike Blais DOES have time for is fleeting evanescent internet popularity. And these days the king at the heaping shit-pile of internet fame is Homestuck.

And so, Mike Blais has entered into a dark contract with me. I will proceed to read him the entirety of Homestuck over Skype, and he will record my narration and his reactions to it in the vain hope that the resultant audio files will lead to a treasure horde of retweets and followers, and desperately try to maintain his sanity as we spiral into the bottomless depths of MS Paint Adventures. The first record of our grim work can be found here:

Ep.1: Let Me Tell You About John Egbert (Direct Download: Right click > Save As)

This episode features the song Homestuck from Homestuck Volume 5, and Showtime (Piano Refrain) from Homestuck Volumes 1-4.


3 thoughts on “Ep.1: Let Me Tell You About John Egbert

  1. FuzzyZergling says:

    Listening with interest~

  2. GlyphGryph says:

    Oh god, this is absolutely amazing. Reading along while listening… wow.

    I eagerly await more.


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