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Ep. 4: Let Me Tell You About Rose and Dave

Rose begins to make her way through the house to get to her emergency back-up generator, while I introduce Mike to his webcomic soulmate. Also, Mike and I have one of the worst rap-offs in the history of Paradox Space.

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Songs featured in this episode: Space Prankster, Pumpkin Cravings, and Phantasmagoric Waltz from Homestuck Volume 5; Anbroids V2.0 and Trepidation from Homestuck Volume 9; Flare from Homestuck Volume 8; The soundtrack from Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff: The Moive; and Tall, Dark and Loathesome and Hearts Flush from Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead, along with the samples from Dave’s Phat Beat Machine and an audio clip from the film Little Monsters.


WTIFH 12/17/12 – Wrestling

This Week: An off-brand Razor Scooter.

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Ep.3: Let Me Tell You About SBURB Some More

Do you know what is great for the health of a burgeoning podcast? A two week break. Mike and I come back from sick leave so that I can introduce him to Rose Lalonde as she works to save John from a meteor the size of Texas (or maybe just Rhode Island), sending him to a strange new world where he’s pestered constantly by a voice in his head.

Ep.3: Let Me Tell You About SBURB Some More

This episode features the songs Switchback, Clockwork Melody, and Space Prankster from Homestuck Vol. 5, Ohgodwhat, Aggrieve (Violin Refrain), and Sburban Countdown from Homestuck Volumes 1-4, and The Deeper You Go from Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido.